Terry Pellegrino


Bachelor of Arts – Food & Nutrition
Concordia College; Moorhead, Minnesota

Dietetic Internship
Massachusetts General Hospital; Boston, Massachusetts

Professional Member
Foodservice Consultant’s Society International (FSCI)

National Association of College and University Foodservices (NACUFS)

Terry is excellent at working with client groups to help them plan efficient work areas and selecting equipment that matches their needs. She has an intense customer-focused approach, with her hands-on experience providing particular seamlessness from start to finish. Each new project is given thoughtful consideration within the specific needs. She works closely with the foodservice management team to develop detailed work areas in line with their expectations.

Terry’s work extends beyond Education, notably in both Corrections and Community projects, which as you may expect, have vastly different requirements. Crossing markets enables her to bring fresh insight into each segment of her work. Churches, prisons, and schools – a unique combination to say the least.

From an early age, Terry knew she wanted to work in the arts. She had an eye for interior design, a mind for technical drawing, and a point of view waiting to be tapped. Her guidance counselor recommended a new dietetics program at Concordia College – Moorhead. From there she headed to Massachusetts General Hospital and began a dietetic internship out East. She eventually relocated to Iowa State University, where she transitioned from clinical work to foodservice management.

Terry had an innate aptitude for creating floor plans and managing the flow of operations. She found herself critiquing layouts and didn’t have a shortage of opinions about ways to improve the customer experience. A few years later, she heard about a guy named Bob Rippe, who reportedly knew everyone in healthcare foodservice. After their initial meeting, she knew this was the ideal thing for her. Twenty-eight years later, it appears she made the right move. When Terry joined our firm, we were mainly doing healthcare design with local architects. Terry branched out and started doing K-12 and local college projects before expanding to campuses nationwide. At the time, schools primarily had an institutional feel and featured what is commonly referred to as mystery meat. Today, students enjoy a greater presentation in their dining choices within a retail atmosphere. Now the chef comes out of the kitchen and enjoys being in front of their customers. For Terry, job success is defined by taking care of her clients; doing the right thing for them, ensuring things don’t fall apart in the details. It’s just that simple.