Through our experience in the educational arena, we have learned that today’s students have higher expectations than ever. They eat out frequently and are accustomed to the level of service offered in retail foodservice settings. We translate this into dining facilities that are more retail-like in many ways. The décor is interesting, inviting, and non-institutional. Food is fresh and the menu includes a variety of options. Dining areas are designed in a way that allows students to see and be seen, but also offers a wide variety of seating options to fit their mood or group size.

Buena Vista University


We recognize that dining projects involve many stakeholders and make certain that our efforts include input from each of them. We also recognize that each school is unique, so we take time to listen closely to representatives to make certain our work is guided by specific district or campus qualities. Our programming and design process is participative and includes client participation in the thought process, decision making, and plan recommendations.