Solutions for New Realities

Published in Aliworld Magazine, Eric Goodrich, Principal FCSI, weighs in on the conversation.

Success in foodservice operations represents a faster-moving, harder-to-hit target today than ever before. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, some consumer patterns and behaviors have changed permanently, while others seem to be returning to the status quo. Finding, training and retaining adequate staff sometimes seems all but impossible.

Supply chain issues with food and other inputs are significant and unprecedented. Technology continues to move ahead at dizzying speed, transforming the very nature of foodservice. What are operators and specifiers to make of all this? What do they need to know to make the best decisions when embarking on new builds or remodels of foodservice kitchens?

Four foodservice design and management advisory services consultants share their latest thinking. Collectively, this group has more than a century’s worth of experience in foodservice operations, distribution, management and consulting.


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