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The Future of Foodservice

As facilities prepare to fully re-open, we are envisioning the future of foodservice design and asking questions to develop interim and long-term solutions.

Read a letter from Steve Carlson, President of Rippe Associates.

Many unknowns will shape contingency plans.
   •  Can app ordering eliminate or minimize physical queues?
   •  How long will we need to accommodate social distancing?
   •  What changes will need to be permanently implemented?
   •  How will risk tolerance affect customer behavior?
   •  Can operators afford to not have self-serve?
   •  How do we address cashless payments and payroll deduction?
   •  Could robotics replace customer self-customization?
   •  Will regulations impact facility capacity and space planning? 

We understand your unique challenges.
While we cannot fully predict what the new normal will look like, we are already seeing foodservice operations in multiple market segments making changes. Interim solutions have included acrylic barriers, modified menus, meal delivery, remote ordering, and self-pickup. View our Future of Foodservice presentations for educational, healthcare, and hospitality settings.

Thoughtful design will move foodservice forward.
We need to adapt foodservice while social distancing is needed and beyond. There are a lot of questions to be answered and we do not know exactly what the future will entail. We do know that thoughtful planning will provide effective foodservice design solutions now and in the future. We value your perspectives and welcome your questions, input, and feedback. Please contact us.

St. Elizabeth Hospital

Interim Solutions
Across foodservice operations, safety solutions have been rapidly implemented to provide contactless interactions. Some of the temporary solutions may translate into permanent fixtures.

   •  Plexiglass Barriers
   •  Crowd Control Breathe-Guards
   •  Mobile Sanitation Stations
   •  App-Based Cash-Free Transactions
   •  Modified Menus to Flex with Needs 

Acrylic installations for crowd control, touchless POS stations, scan & go, and pass-through food counters will all require retrofitting.

Determining the best solution for your facility will require thoughtful analysis and space planning.

Design Forward
Each market segment will need to assess adopting more tech, reconsider space planning, and create touchless solutions. Innovative solutions-paired with new and existing technology-will be integral to shaping the future of foodservice.

   •  Robotic Self-Serve Stations
   •  Food Lockers. G
rab & Go.
   •  Pick-Up Zones. Curbside Pick-Up
   •  App-Based Ordering
   •  Pre-Pay & Geofencing
   •  Motion-Activated Dispensers