Darren Peterson,
Associate Principal

Being born and raised on a farm just outside the small town of Curtis, Nebraska, Darren had little exposure to career choices separate from the farming business. However, Darren has been a big picture person from the beginning, so when it came time for him to choose where to receive his post-high school education, he decided to leave his farming community and explore business management. During his time in college, he met his wife, learned about the hotel, convention, and arena business and hasn’t left the foodservice field since. His professional demeanor and driven personality have provided him with the opportunity to gain hands-on operational experience and a considerable amount of operational knowledge. With 23 years of experience, 13 of which were in the hotel, convention, and arena side and 10 within the college and university segment, Darren is excited to utilize his operational strength, while enhancing his knowledge of foodservice design.

Possessing an innate ability to assess the needs of a team and identify the strengths and opportunities of individuals, Darren is proficient at listening during project discussions and assisting in recognizing the best possible outcome for all parties.  Whether you attribute this to his passion for the game of basketball or his dedication to his career, there is no doubt that he is willing to take the risks that are necessary to gain experience, allowing him to be a teammate known for providing solutions.

When Darren and his wife aren’t attending one of their son’s basketball games or other events, the family is probably identifying some type of outdoor activity to participate in, such as camping, hiking, biking or kayaking. Even when all three of their children were little, family adventures such as exploring new places together has been a large part of their life.

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