Revit Example - South Dakota Veterans Home


Image #1 - Typical Autocad plan showing a cold preparation area

Image #2 - Autocad elevation view facing the equipment

Image #3 - Revit equivalent of the same area

This project illustrates the benefits of using Revit, allowing the client to view a three-dimensional drawing of their project while it’s under development. Equipment is no longer a square or a circle with a number associated with a list that provides a description, but is now a realistic view of the equipment in the space to help clients conceptualize how their layout will actually function. 

The first illustration shows a typical Autocad plan with the equipment list at the left.

The second illustration is also from Autocad and is called an elevation, meaning the view if you were standing in front of the equipment. While this is better, it lacks any depth or information about that equipment.

Lastly, you see the Revit equivalent. At a glance you can see what equipment is mobile, what items are drawers verses shelves, and how deep the shelves are in relation to the counter.