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Management Consulting

Throughout our many years in this field, operational studies related to design have been an important part of our work. Studies provide managers and planners with solid information about the anticipated quality and cost results of proposed changes. They often consider alternative methods of operation and will require fundamental departmental changes before the new location can open.

Whether you operate a large volume, multi-site foodservice system or a small volume operation, the key to successful planning is the initial systems and operational decisions. Time well spent on these decisions can prevent wasted capital costs, excessive operating costs, and disappointing food quality and service.

It also means that, on occasion, an operational team needs assistance in determining the root cause of a problem or is in need of a third-party to give some unbiased feedback and recommendations. Through our focus on hiring former operators and industry experts, we are able to be that “fresh set of eyes” to help devise a comprehensive plan to move your operation forward.

• Budget and Capital Investment Assessment
• Master Plan Analysis
• Capacity and Future Needs Analysis
• Financial Performance Study
• Meal Plan Analysis
• Operations Performance Evaluation
• Organizational Structure Analysis
• Procurement Study
• Self-Operation or Contract Management Evaluation
• Catering Services Evaluation
• Central Production Analysis
• Customer Satisfaction Survey
• Food Cost Analysis
• Labor Utilization Analysis
• Menu Evaluation Analysis
• Merchandising Assessment
• Retail Demand Analysis and Competitive Retail Evaluation
• Style of Service Analysis
• Systems Utilization Analysis