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Rippe Associates has successfully completed numerous foodservice design projects in the hospitality sector.

Sustainable equipment is first priority in our designs, as they need to be easily operable, energy efficient, labor saving and low maintenance.

What Matters

Bold, exciting designs so foodservice operators can efficiently prepare great-tasting, fresh food. Adaptable workstations are perfect for frequently changing menus, differing cooking methods and variable skill levels. 

The use of a central kitchen allows cross-utilization of staff, equipment and storage since different venues are busy at different times.

"The Buffet is the heart of most casino food and beverage programs. Our job as designers is to make sure stations have enough capacity so that all menu items can be prepared in the station. We must make sure ingredients are convenient to display cooking stations. We don’t want to see the operator have to add pans with ice and countertop food warmers for extra ingredients." - Steve Carlson