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The Rippe Approach

We believe successful foodservice facility planning is based on qualified professionals following a sequence of events that includes timely communication with the planning team. Principals develop the facilities design, oversee schedule and budget, and coordinate work with the architect and owner. Our project manager serves as the primary communication liaison, supervises the drawing work within our office and monitors equipment installation. Our equipment specialists are responsible for the functional program, equipment selection, helping with design details and follow through after the facility opens. The size of our organization allows us to create teams whose expertise complements your project goals.

Collaborative Process

FoodService Design Consultants guide you through the design process from start to finish and involve each interest group in the decisions - from architects and engineers, managers, line servers or chefs. Many projects begin with meetings with the architect and owner representatives, followed by in-depth worksessions with the foodservice team. Each step of the process is reviewed before proceeding to the next level of detail. We want our clients to be involved in planning and fully support plans they help develop.

Informed Decisions

We recognize planners, owners and operators need accurate information in order to make well-informed decisions. Our project team works with you to identify and review alternative solutions, provide reliable quality and cost information, and offer expert recommendations. The final decisions are yours.


Detailed Documents

We take pride in our precise drawings and specifications. Our contract documents clearly define equipment quality and the equipment contractor’s responsibilities. We develop informational drawings for project architects and engineers showing special foodservice construction details to ensure seamless coordination with electrical and mechanical engineers. This helps to avoid construction issues, schedule delays and costs of unexpected change orders.


Integrated Systems

We have embraced Revit 3D technology not only for the benefits of visualizing the completed design and ‘clash detection’ but also for the potential for Owners to use embedded data to manage facilities once construction is complete. With the benefits of Revit, drawings are easier to understand and we can often reduce the number of meetings to explain what is going in the space. Steve Carlson led the Food Service Consultants International (FCSI) Revit Task Force which published new foodservice industry standards for the implementation and use of the Revit software.


Cost Conscious

We are respectful of financial concerns and commit to designing to your budget. We only search out equipment and recommend design details that meet your needs and rely on our internal database to provide equipment cost estimates throughout the planning process. Our details for custom fabricated equipment range from simple to highly sophisticated construction options. You determine which is best for your operation.