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Choosing Rippe

Why would you choose us for foodservice and design? We make you our priority.

We Ask Questions

A lot of them. We kick off each project by talking to the whole team. We want to clearly understand the operator’s goals, we meet with the line cooks to comprehend their needs and the dishwashers to determine what is working and what could be better. We make it a practice to talk to each group of stakeholders so we can best design a space that is uniquely suited to your organization. We dig in to understand how your operation works today, what your current shortcomings are and how we can help you build flexibility down the road.

We Check and Double Check Every Detail

We want to know how many people work in each center, whether they have the tools and storage they need, and how work changes during low and high volume times. We have seen plans that feature flashy pieces of equipment but lack the support equipment, refrigeration, warmers, and storage needed to get through meal periods. Are the right materials being used? Will the construction hold up year after year? We bring a long list of lessons learned to your project, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises during day-to-day operations.

We are Space Planners

Everyone wants to make something bigger, but sometimes it makes sense to make an area smaller. What are your priorities? We look at the whole picture to create a detailed program that accounts for every space needed, which is why we hold on-site meetings to understand your specific goals. We plan sound, manageable facilities with a sensitivity to staffing, operational organization and simplicity.

We Know how You Work

Our foodservice background and work experience are the basis for helping planners develop efficient and practical food production and service systems. Our designs are based on a clear understanding of foodservice operations, the effects of various food production and holding processes, staffing and work simplification. Our ability to communicate with administrators, foodservice directors and contractors sets us apart from other firms. 

We Understand Food

We have worked in kitchens, managed kitchens, and are dietitians. We can introduce you to new ways of cooking. We constantly seek to enhance our knowledge of the foodservice industry and trends, and design to your budget by selecting appropriate equipment specifically for your project. We don’t buy the latest sales pitch unless it really makes sense.

We Design Kitchens that Work ™

We want to understand your operation and provide options to help you make informed decisions. We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach, we make recommendations based specifically on your space. We have 30 years of experience and over 3,500 foodservice projects under our belt. Who else can say that?

We are Equipment Geeks

We spend 365 days a year learning about equipment, reading catalogs, meeting with manufacturers, and solving client’s problems. Our continually updated equipment database allows you to make financial decisions that will keep the project within your budget. Our cost estimates are extremely accurate with bids typically coming in within 1-3% of our estimate. We constantly research the spectrum of equipment options to bring you the most recent sustainability innovations that help you reduce waste and lower your water and energy usage.

We are Professionals

Our years of industry experience give us the edge. Our four equipment specialists have collectively been in the foodservice for 96 years. Our drafting team has a cumulative 170 years of experience. Team members have been with us for an average of twelve years, while several have been here over twenty! Those are some impressive numbers in today’s world.

We have Your Back

Our volume of repeat business proves it! Just because the equipment is installed doesn’t mean we walk away. We develop lasting relationships with our customers by understanding their challenges and delivering designs that work. We understand trust is continually earned through quality work and superior customer service. Our high number of repeat clients and referrals prove that doing good work is the best way keep doing what we love to do.