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Connie Dickson


With strong foodservice experience, Connie understands the operator’s perspective and challenges. During design, she provides clients with functional options, coaches them through new possibilities, and helps evaluate designs relative to their operational goals. Her goals are to plan easily managed facilities that deliver appealing menu options in attractive surroundings.

She is also interested in raising clients’ awareness of energy and water efficiency during foodservice design, and understands that evaluating new options for foodservice equipment can help your bottom line for years to come. Connie serves as a primary communication link with the design team and food management team, and ensures the operator’s vision is expressed in the design documents. Collaboration between project leadership, architects, engineers and the foodservice operator is key to a successful project.

Connie’s foodservice career began in healthcare, then restaurants, onto food manufacturing, operations and finally design. She began as a registered dietitian, then earned a culinary degree and worked in fine dining and food manufacturing. Connie managed foodservice operations with Sodexo for fourteen years, initially as a culinary support manager in healthcare, then as a general manager in corporate accounts. She joined Robert Rippe & Associates in 2006, working primarily in the healthcare, senior living and corporate markets. 

Connie loves good food and enjoys tracking menu trends, exploring new food destinations, and cooking at home. When consulting is done for the day, she might be found junking with friends, traveling with her husband or biking, gardening and golfing during the short Minnesota summers.