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Christine Guyott


Christine's background in healthcare, ability to conceptualize, and attention to detail provide designs that work just the way our client’s need them to. As a dietitian, she provides in-depth industry knowledge and brings a level of understanding to each project that every operator values. Because today’s healthcare industry has evolved into a place where hospitality meets wellness, Christine’s skillful way of working with people in a collaborative, client-focused process translates into foodservice facilities that provide a path to good health for their clients.

Guiding clients through the design process as well as presenting to students and interns are some of the favorite parts of her profession. Christine is a coach for FCSI associates who are on their way to becoming professionals, and speaks to dietetic and architectural classes on non-traditional dietetics and foodservice design. She is on the FCSI Board of Trustees and the AHF Industry Advisory Board and is a past member of the FGI foodservice design planning task force.

Christine began her life in foodservice by working in the Minneapolis restaurant industry through high school and college. When her studies moved her to sunny California, she had the opportunity to work as a nutrition and foodservice consultant. Her dietetic internship at the Mayo Medical System brought her back to the Midwest, and she spent the next few years working in healthcare sales.

In 1995, she joined Bob Rippe’s team and found a profession that combined her dietitian skills with operations expertise and allowed room for creative design. This combination has led to a career where no two days are ever the same, just the way she likes it. Whatever shape it took, Christine always felt drawn towards foodservice industry. Call it fate or otherwise, but our clients are glad she’s here. 

Christine has two sons who are active in sports, so her free time is increasingly spent cheering them on at various athletic events. A true Minnesotan, she enjoys cabin life ‘up north’ unwinding with a good book – her California side prefers it to be on a beach by the ocean. She has completed her first half marathon and likes to search out unique spots to get in a run while she’s on the road visiting clients. Traveling is a bonus with her job, meeting new people and exploring new spots equals a pretty good life.