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3D Modeling with Revit Technology

Increasingly, architects design buildings using a 3D modeling process. Revit is the prominent program for 3D modeling in the design industry, and we have adopted Revit technology. Rippe was instrumental in advancing Revit standards for foodservice design, and we use it for most of our projects.

Revit allows us to build a foodservice model and then generate 3D views from multiple angles. These visuals are a powerful tool to help operators see their workspace and feel confident in their planning decisions. As a result, design discussions are more meaningful, design meetings are more efficient, and changes during construction are reduced.

Once we build the foodservice 3D model, we can link it into the overall Building Information Model (BIM) created by the architect and engineers. This provides the design team with the ability to see the equipment and space in 3D and resolve conflicts earlier in the design process limiting costly changes during construction.

St. Elizabeth Hospital